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Clean PC Max is the ultimate tool for cleaning your PC. It removes junk and temp files, protects your privacy, and helps your PC run faster and cleaner. Plus, Clean PC Max is easy to use, fast, and free! Clean PC Max will put you in control and clean your hard drive, optimize settings, and help you remove unwanted extras. Download your free copy today.

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Is it really free?

Yes! Clean PC Max is freeware to help keep your PC clean and running better. Why do we do this? First, because we are nice. Second, we hope that using our free cleaner for day to day maintenance will help you remember to call our tech support team at My Phone Support when you need IT help.

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Clean PC Max will show you how much space junk is wasting on your PC, clean out your Windows Temp Files and optimize your settings. Keeping your PC clean and optimized is a key key part of PC maintenance and helps improve system performance. Download your free copy today and see the difference!